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Undertaking Graphic Design for the Government

14 December 2013 by Popeye

It is possible to get contracts through which you get to undertake graphic design work for the government.

You can, for instance, be contracted to design posters for the government. These may be posters that the government plans to use in creating awareness. If, for instance, the Georgia government has created a new program aimed at helping people who can’t cope with Georgia housing costs with the whole issue of re-housing it can decide to come up with posters to create awareness  about the same. And you may be the lucky person who gets the contract to design the same. These contracts can be extremely lucrative, because they often entail designing and printing very many posters at a reasonably high cost per piece.

You can also be contracted to design signage products for the government. These can be things like directional signs, back-lit signs, billboards and so on.

At yet another level, you can be contracted to design illustrations for use in government publications.

The manner in which government procurement works in most countries is such that these contracts are normally won by members of a certain well-knit group. You just have to find ways of getting into that fraternity, and you are ‘set for life’, so to speak.

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