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Undertaking Graphic Design for Bank Brochures

15 October 2013 by Popeye

One of the most lucrative gigs you can take up, as a graphic designer, is that of creating brochures for a bank.

To get the job of undertaking graphic design for bank brochures, you may need to either network with the people in charge of these things at the bank or apply formally for the project. Alternatively, you may need to take part in some sort of competition, organized by the bank.

Having landed the job, you need to ensure that you get it right: otherwise you won’t get any further jobs in the future, and you may actually not even get paid for the particular job that is done shoddily.

When it comes to payment, the bank may pay you via check, or via a bank transfer to your account. But most banks nowadays seem to prefer paying for these sorts of things using direct transfers. Thus, you may just need to provide the details, and the funds will be transferred to (for instance) your citicards.com debit card, which means that they will end up in your Citi credit card account. You would then need to go to the www.citicards.com login page, after a reasonable period of time, to ensure that the funds constituting the graphic design project payment actually landed in your account.

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