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Getting Updates for the Graphic Design Software You Use in Your Graphic Design Company

12 February 2014 by Popeye

The manner in which you get updates for the graphic design software you use in your graphic design company depends on the manner in which you acquired the software in the first place. It could be that you brought a software developer to your company to create (code) the software for you. It could also be that you downloaded the software online. At yet another level, it could be that you commissioned a software developer to create the software for you remotely, and then had him send the software executable files to you via email.

Accordingly, you may be able to get updates for the software online: by going to the graphic design software vendor’s website, and downloading the updates from there.

You may also be able to get updates for the software by calling in the software developer to code them right in your office.

At yet another level, you may be able to get updates for the software through email: where, for instance, the update files are send to you and you then download and install them. This is possible if, for instance, you use Gmail.com files attachment capabilities, which are basic part of the Gmail service, meaning that you don’t have to use a Gmail plugin to be able to attach these files. Huge executable files can, however, be hard to upload and send as attachments.

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