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Getting Graphic Designers to Telecommute

28 December 2013 by Popeye

As the person running a graphic design firm, you can decide to have your graphic designers telecommute. That would lead to a situation where they work from their homes. The nature of certain aspects of graphic design work is such that they can be executed through this (telecommuting) model.

Before allowing the graphic designers to telecommute, you need to ensure that they have the necessary levels of self-discipline. You need to remember that working from home means being confronted by many distractions, and a person with limited self-discipline may be unable to resist the temptations.

Having decided to allow your graphic designers to telecommute, you need you arm them with the necessary tools. These include things like a reliable phone line, a computer (which could be a laptop or a desktop) and an Internet connection. Then you need telecommuting software. This would be for coordination purposes. The whole thing here can boil down to something as simple as using www.ymail.com connections (especially where people use Ymail.com chat) to coordinate things with the telecommuting employees.

You can also have a hybrid system, where the folks in question can be at times working from home (when executing certain functions), and then working from the office when executing other functions , especially those that require lots of direct teamwork.

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